12 Reasons Why You Should Be Oil Pulling Oil What???

12 Reasons Why You Should Be Oil Pulling

Oil What???

Let’s start off by taking a quick peek at what oil pulling is. In plain English it’s an ancient dental technique of swishing a tablespoon of oil around in your mouth on an empty stomach for up to 20 minutes. It draws out toxins in your body, improving oral and overall health.
Ewe….Gross…This sounds kinda yucky if you ask me. How can this possibly be any good for me? And what, just like a tablespoon of cooking oil or something? I don’t know about this.
Ok, ok. Let’s take this one step at a time.
At first, yes, it can feel a little odd doing this, but I promise after a few tries’ it will be like nothing at all. And typically its best to use Organic, Raw Coconut Oil, but you can also use Olive Oil or Sesame Oil as well. Let me explain this a little further for you.
I personally use Coconut Oil because it is highly absorbable. And the benefits from the coconut oil can be experienced so easily by oil pulling. Just to name a few, here is a quick list of coconut oil benefits:
Balance Hormones
Improve Digestion
Moisturize Skin and Reduce Cellulite
Decrease Wrinkles and Age Spots
Balance Blood Sugar
Increase Energy
Boost HDL and Lower LDL Cholesterol
Burn Fat
That’s a lot of good that can come out of doing something so simple if you ask me. And…. if you couple the coconut oil benefits with the oil pulling techniques, the results are pretty darn amazing!!
Are any of the above benefits something you would like to improve upon?
Still not convinced quite yet? That’s ok, I’m not done with you yet ;)
Maybe the simplicity of the process will strike a chord. It really is incredibly easy to do. This is all that is to it. It’s not so bad, I promise!
To start, the best time to practice oil pulling is first thing in the morning, before you do anything else. Just get up and scoop out a tablespoon of coconut oil into your mouth and chomp on it until it becomes liquid in your mouth, then start swishing it around like you would for mouth wash. Up to 20 mins is best. You can always start out with 5 mins. and work your way up from there.
Also if you are like me and have a small mouth, a tablespoon is far too much. Feel free to lessen the amount to a teaspoon at first and increase from there. The more the better in this case.
Then just go about your morning routine, like making your Matcha, checking your email, feeding Fido, preparing breakfast, getting dressed for the gym, or whatever you do in the morning.


After 20 minutes has passed, spit that sh$! out into a trash can. The sink is not such a good idea as it may eventually create a nasty plumbing issue. DO NOT SWALLOW!! This is very important because all the bacteria, and toxins you just worked out are now in the oil in your mouth.
Immediately rinse your mouth out with warm water and proceed to brushing your teeth as normal. It’s that easy!! It really is just like mouth washing, just for an extended period of time.
So now how are you feeling about it? Ready to give it the old college try? Just in case your still not completely there yet, here are 12 awesome assets for you to experience from daily oil pulling.


 Boost your immune system

Blast bad breath

Heal bleeding gums

Strengthen gums

Brighten and Whiten teeth

Cure tooth decay

Prevent Cavities

Reduce inflammation

Soothe throat dryness

Repair cracked lips

Zap zits

                          Avoid Heart Disease                       


Now, I could start going into all of the reasons why each one of the above mentioned 12 occurs, but that gets to be a bit lengthy and boring.
One last thing for you to consider. If you give it a try and absolutely just can’t hack it, the good thing is you can use the coconut oil for just about anything. Like a moisturizer, and hair conditioner, oh yeah and for cooking too. LOL!
So what do you have to loose, besides a bunch of toxins that you didn’t want anyways? Go on, give it a try!
Don’t forget to tell me about your experience. Post your comments on my blog.



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