Almond Milk….Does A Body Good!

Why milk a cow, when you can milk a nut? Seems like it would be a lot easier, right? Plus, it’s Safe, nutritious, ,easy to make, and oh so very good! Plus it’s much cheaper than owning a cow. LOL!

I recently came across a video on my Facebook feed from David Avocado Wolfe (This guy is awesome by the way) that said you could make homemade almond milk in 30 seconds. What?

I was like, holy cow! Is he for real? That sounds awesome!

So I proceeded to watch his video and decided that I had to give this a try for myself. Although I have to admit, I am not a fan of the almond milk in the stores. They always seemed to have a weird, fakey almond flavoring to them. And that taste came through in everything you used it in. So I was a little skeptical as to whether I would like this or not.

Grabbing a bag full of raw organic almonds, and a nut milk bag, I headed off to the kitchen to give it a try. OMG!!! This stuff is amazing! It tastes nothing like the crap you buy in the stores. It’s creamy, smooth, and has a neutral flavor. I just can’t get enough of it.

Besides the fact that it tastes amazing. It has a ton of awesome benefits to drinking it as well.

-Low in calories, like only 60 calories per cup. That is less than all forms of cow’s milk

-No Cholesterol or Saturated Fats

-High in Healthy Fats, such as Omega Fatty Acids

-Contains Calcium and Vitamin D (not as much as cow’s milk, but still sufficient)

-Has 50% the recommended daily value of vitamin E

-Lots of B vitamins

-Low in Carbs

-Has 1 gram of fiber per serving

-No Lactose!

-No added vitamins, sweeteners, thickeners

I’m telling ya. You have to give this stuff a try. It’s the easiest thing to make, ever…… Even if you're the type of cook who manages to burn a TV dinner, you can totally handle this one. LOL!

So what is the first step to making some good, fresh almond milk? The most important part, of course, the almonds!!

You want to purchase organic, raw almonds. Now there is a lot of controversy surrounding the raw nut industry. Apparently…. There are no truly raw almonds sold in North America. They are all pasteurized to some degree. So just do your best to buy the purest form of almonds that you can.

Make sure you use spring or filtered water. (I personally use spring water)

And grab yourself an organic hemp or cotton nut bag. (I bought mine on You can also use a strainer instead of a bag, but this process does take longer, and isn’t as good at straining the pulp out. But still very good method to get started with.

In fact, check out the link below. I made this video up when I first got started with making almond milk (using a strainer).

The only thing I have left to figure out, is what to do with all of the leftover almond pulp.

I have been adding it into my baking, but I don’t really do a lot of baking so, I would like to give making an almond butter or spread out of it. That would be super awesome! I could get milk and nut spread all for the cost of a bag of almonds.

Anybody have a good homemade nut butter recipe they could share with me? No refined sugars, please.

If I come across a good one, I will definitely re-post and share it.

Let me know about your experiences making your homemade almond milk. I would love to hear about it!

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