DOES THIS SCARE YOU... at the hospital?

antibiotic resistant virus

Have you ever gone to the hospital or health clinic and listened to all the other people, coughing, sneezing, or moaning in pain?

Doesn't your mind start to wander to:

That sounds horrible, I hope that's not contagious?

I wonder who was in here last and what they had?

Did they clean this table? Did the doctor wash their hands?

How clean was the person who last wore this gown?

It can be scary to think about what you are being exposed to in a place everyone goes to when they're sick.

Today, we are now faced with superbugs and antibiotic-resistant infections on top of the yearly cold and flu season.

Is there anything we can do to protect ourselves? What if we do get something serious?

My answer to you again is the same one as always. Get in your daily dose of green tea, just like taking a multivitamin.

Here's why:

A recent study published by The Journal of Medical Microbiology indicates that EGCG (a naturally occurring plant compound in the antioxidant family) can restore the activity of antibiotics used for infections that are classified as being antibiotic-resistant.

In this research, they examine Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, a bacterial pathogen that produces severe respiratory and bloodstream infections. It has become increasingly resistant to several major classes of antibiotics used for treatment.

Through a combination of the EGCG found in green tea and specific sets of antibiotics, the treatment became increasingly active.

Dr. Jonathan Betts. Lead author states:

'"Antimicrobial resistance is a serious threat to global public health."

"Natural products such as EGCG, used in combination with currently licensed antibiotics, maybe a way of improving their effectiveness…"

Professor Roberto La Ragione says:

"We have shown that we can successfully eliminate such threats with the use of natural products, in combination with antibiotics already in use."

Maybe the answer to curing some of our most common life-threatening illnesses and diseases does not depend on western medicine or natural medicine alone.

The key could be to synergize the two for the best possible outcome.

Cheers to new research on green tea!

Organic matcha green tea

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