Natural Anti-Aging

Japanese culture has a long history of health and longevity. Japan is continuously ranked among the top 10 healthiest countries in the world.

Not only do the Japanese have a fantastic ethic for health and longevity, but they also excel in the area of anti-aging and skincare.

Smooth, clear skin is considered to be standard. This complexion would not be attainable with a western diet.

A Japanese diet focuses on minimally processed, whole foods, rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. They consume lots of seasonal fruit, vegetables, and fish, but limited amounts of all other meats and animal products.

It is customary to start your morning and follow most meals with a pot of freshly brewed green tea.

The Japanese have strong beliefs in the therapeutic effects of green tea and have a deep trust in its anti-aging and health-enhancing properties.

They have been drinking matcha and sencha green tea daily for centuries.

Studies conducted on Japanese green teas have shown that it effectively promotes cellular rejuvenation, which helps to provide youthful elasticity and tightening of your skin.

Fine lines and wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process.

Japanese green tea, however, possesses a large amount of anti-inflammatory, antioxidants which slow down the aging process on the cellular level.

This leads to regular Japanese green tea drinkers experiencing a more youthful appearance naturally compared to those who do not drink it daily.

There are benefits to green tea being applied topically in combination with ingestion to maximize your results.

By applying green tea concoctions directly to your skin, there is a more prominent result in reducing puffiness, redness, dark circles, and blood vessels.

We will be diving deeper into these anti-aging, topical green tea applications in another article on natural beauty. Stay tuned.

Cheers to natural beauty! 


Japanese Green Tea

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