mandatory quarantine shots

New research has come to light on the effectiveness of specific natural components as being effective against the coronavirus.

These constituents possess antiviral properties. These properties have been proven through decades of research to have the ability to block viruses from infecting our cells and establishing a host from which the virus then spreads.

It is called EGCG, catechin (naturally occurring antioxidant) found most predominantly in the green tea plant.

Japanese matcha green tea is the highest resource of EGCG available. Japanese sencha green tea is good too, but with matcha, you are consuming the entire leaf in powdered form so you will get so much more.

There has been evidence suggesting that combining green tea with citrus juices is more beneficial. It allows our bodies to absorb more of the antioxidant benefits than drinking green tea alone.

In honor of this new research and to help stop the infection of COVID-19, we have created the ultimate immune-boosting, EGCG filled tonic for you to make from the comfort of your own home. Since that's where most of us are anyway (lol)

It uses simple everyday ingredients that most of you probably already have or can quickly obtain.



♡ Nature's Blueprint, Organic Japanese Matcha
♡ 2 oz of Organic Orange Juice
♡ Organic Lemon juice from ½ lemon


♡ Place all ingredients in a shaker bottle or whatever you have in your kitchen to shake it in.

♡ Shake until the matcha powder has dissolved.

♡ Pour into a shot glass and drink.

We suggest taking your shots 2 times a day for maximum immunity.

Feel the wellness come over your body and take comfort in knowing everything is going to be ok.

Cheers to wellness and immunity!

Immune boosting green tea

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