RECIPE: Florida Style Iced Green Tea

Florida Style Iced Green Tea

When temperatures begin to rise, a refreshing cup of iced tea is super satisfying.

On my search to find a healthier alternative to the southern style iced tea I grew up on (black tea leaves and refined sugar), my Florida Style Iced Green Tea was born.

Using a few simple ingredients, I have developed a refreshing iced tea recipe loaded with health-enhancing benefits and zero refined sugars.

This method utilizes a direct, cold-soaking technique of the green tea leaves rather than the hot brew procedure traditionally used for making iced tea. 

It helps to preserve the natural wellness properties found in our Japanese Sencha as well as produce a less bitter after taste. 

I call it "Florida Style" because of the light citrus flavor from the lemons, and I live in Southern Florida, so it's also where the recipe was born. 

Experience a little slice of the sunshine state right in your very own cup.




-NB Loose Leaf Sencha Green tea

-Spring or Filtered Water

-Fresh Organic Lemon (for juicing)

-Orange Blossom Honey 



Begin by scooping 3 tablespoons of NB Loose-leaf sencha into a 2 Qt (64 oz) pitcher. Fill the pitcher with spring water and place it in the fridge overnight or for approx. 8 hours. 

After soaking, it's time to drain the leaves. Give the leaves a little stir to kick them up off the bottom of the pitcher. 

Using a mesh strainer, place it over the opening of your serving pitcher and pour the tea over. The filtering will help catch any of the leaves from making their way into your serving pitcher. 

Once you have strained your cold steeped tea, squeeze the juice from 1 large lemon into your pitcher of tea.

Last, measure out ⅓ cup of honey and add 1-2 tablespoons of hot water. This to help melt down the honey and make it easier for mixing with your tea. (whisk it incorporate)

Pour honey water into your tea and give it a stir. Pour over a glass filled with ice and/or store in the fridge to drink at a later time. 


Cheers to a cup of healthy, refreshing iced tea!

Florida Style Iced Green Tea

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