Stop the "Sands of Time" Dead in it’s Tracks

By now, I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you, that I am totally in love with matcha for all of its health benefits.

But, I must admit that there is a side to matcha that I really haven’t explored much of, until more recently, and that’s using it topically as a beauty and/or skin treatment.

The same powerful nutrients of matcha that nourish, and support your physical and mental well being are also fantastic beauty benefits. Who knew, right?

Here are the 3 main contributors to this theory:

#1 - Antioxidants

The same antioxidants in matcha (which are 137x more than regular bagged green tea) that help fight disease,  are also proven to fair quite well at slowing down, and in some cases even stopping the ageing process.

These powerful antioxidants are awesome in protecting your skin against the harmful effects of the sun's UV rays, and also against the burning and drying effects caused by other weather conditions such as extreme cold and wind. Matcha is also great for treating acne, and other skin conditions like rosacea, and psoriasis because it helps to reduce inflammation.

One antioxidant in particular, called EGCG (more commonly known for fighting cancer) is also great at slowing down cellular degeneration (aging process), and instead contributes to smoother, tighter skin, that retains moisture and enhances your natural skin color tones.

#2 - Chlorophyll

Because of the specialized shading,  growing, and processing techniques used to prepare matcha, an extremely high level of chlorophyll is obtained in the leaves. This makes matcha a fantastic natural detoxifying tea, that not only cleanses your body on the inside, but when applied directly,  it also detoxifies your skin from the same hazardous impurities and toxins. Revealing fresh, clean, and radiantly glowing skin.

#3 - Natural Medicine

A variety of naturally occurring substances found in matcha such as Vitamins A, and C, Iron, Protein, Calcium, and Potassium, as well as Catechins act together to form natural antibiotic benefits. Since they all join forces in cleansing and purifying your internal body, this is reflected on the outside of your body by eliminating unsightly rashes, blemishes, and patches of redness. Instead you will experience a more youthful glow to your skin with improved elasticity and hydration.

Aside from all the beauty benefits, it is also extremely easy to work with. Since matcha is in a powder form, it is incredibly versatile. You can whip up a homemade facial mask or scrub in no time. My personal favorite is more like a mask/paste that I make by combing our organic, Japanese culinary grade matcha with honey. Its super simple, and if you don’t use it all, it's totally editable. LOL! 

I like to use our 4oz bag of Culinary Grade Matcha for this regimen as I find it works really well since it is not ground down as fine as our Ceremonial Grade Matcha, it provides just a tiny bit of natural exfoliating, which is perfect for my sensitive skin.  

Here’s what I find works well for me:

Mix 1 tsp. of Matcha with ½-1 tsp of raw, organic honey to form a paste. Depending on the consistency of your honey, you may need slightly more or less. Spread the honey over your face and neck using circular movements. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and remove with a warm, wet washcloth.

Cheers to turning back the sands of time!

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