Surprsing Benefits of Flowers

Benefits of flowers

Spring is in full swing! Birds are chirping, the grass is growing, trees are budding, and flowers are blooming.

I love the smell of fresh-cut grass combined with the sweet and floral fragrances of nature.

It turns out there are some potential health benefits to "stopping and smelling the roses," as the old saying goes.

Studies suggest that both the appearance and aroma of flowers have multiple benefits.

They are:

-Brightening our mood
-Helping us to get a good nights sleep
-Increasing our pain tolerance
-Boosting our productivity and creativity
-Enriching our attention span

Hospitals with rooms furnished with flowers and plants saw an increased recovery and state of mind in patients compared to places without them.

Texas AM studies revealed that even in the workplace, employees experienced an increase in performance.

The same proved beneficial for classrooms. Students showed up more and developed better free-thinking skills.

Once again, nature provides benefits we never really even knew where there.

Fill your home and office with arrangements of flowers and see how much your mood and performance improves.

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