green tea kills cancer

Green tea has a long history of being connected to providing anti-cancer benefits. 

If you have an interest in preventing cancer, then this is an article you will want to read.

For several years I have followed the research of Dr. William Li. He is a world-renowned physician, scientist, and speaker who specializes in the science of how your body can heal itself and beat diseases with food.

He advocates for drinking green tea daily. What we choose to eat can either fuel our defense systems or harm them. 

According to his research, green tea activates all 5 of our health defense systems. Dr. Li defines our health systems as follows:

Angiogenesis - our blood vessels that bring oxygen and nutrients to every cell in our body

Stem Cells - that repair and generate our organs even as we age

Microbiome - the healthy bacteria in our gut

DNA - that can protect and repair itself when it's damaged

Immunity - our immune system which is more powerful than we imagined

You can watch a short clip of his explanation here:

For a long time, I have believed that the food we eat will affect our bodies either for the good or for the bad. This concept was explained to me in my mid-twenties and has stuck with me ever since. 

Studies conducted by Dr. Li suggest we all have microscopic cancer cells in our bodies. If they do not get the proper blood supply to multiply, then these cancers will never become harmful. 

This is why our bodies need to maintain a proper balance of angiogenesis. It prevents blood supply from going to the cancer cells. Without a blood supply, tumors can not form and grow. states:

“So, if angiogenesis is a tipping point between a harmless cancer and a harmful one, then a revolutionary approach to preventing cancer is by cutting off its blood supply by consuming anti-angiogenic foods.”

Green tea is an anti-angiogenic beverage. This means it contains the ability to stop the blood supply from going to the cancer cells and creating tumors and more.

"Green tea contains a bioactive called EGCG that makes a natural antioxidant enzyme called GSTP1 that protects your DNA from oxidative stress. By the way, EGCG can also activate tumor suppressor genes that stop cancer cells from growing."

For all my matcha lovin ladies it also says:

"Recently, a study from cancer researchers in England was published showing the matcha green tea has the ability to fight breast cancer. The researchers found that matcha cuts off the fuel lines to breast cancer stem cells and interferes with their metabolism, causing them to become inactive."

This is based on the most cutting edge research being conducted today. If cancer prevention is high on your list, then I hope you will adopt the practice of drinking some green tea every day.

Studies reported on the NBCI website indicate that drinking 10 Japanese size cups (3.5-4 oz) of green tea per day showed remarkable results.

That only equals out to be about four 8 oz glasses or two 16 oz cups per day in American sizes.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on all that we are learning about green tea and cancer prevention.

Check out Dr. Li's website for more information on his research and encouraging information. If we can change the way we look at food, then perhaps diseases like cancer will no longer be a threat to our future.

Cheers to saying bye-bye to cancer!

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