Green Tea for diabetes type 2

Are you or someone you know affected by diabetes? It’s not much of a surprise if you do. 

The following statistics are from the 2020 National Diabetes Statistics Report published by the CDC in February of this year.

34.2 million Americans have diabetes (1 out of every 10 adults)

88 million adults have prediabetes (1 out of every 3 adults)

Prediabetes means that your blood glucose levels are higher than the normal range, but not high enough to be diagnosed with diabetes. 

Type 2 is the most commonly developed form of diabetes in those who are previously diagnosed with prediabetes.

Why should this disease be taken so seriously?

It is the 7th leading cause of death in the US.

Diabetes has severe health-related consequences. 

It can lead to:

 ☤ Heart Attacks

☤ Strokes

☤ Kidney Failure 

☤ Loss of vision, toes, feet or legs

The good thing is that prediabetes and diabetes Type 2 are preventable, and even reversible if you have already been diagnosed. 

Drinking green tea in combination with making a few lifestyle changes such as getting regular amounts of exercise, and adjusting your diet can have you on the road to recovery in no time.

Here are 3 ways green tea alone is helpful:

👍 It contains antioxidants that have been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels by assisting your body to metabolize sugar more effectively.

👍 The caffeine content helps to energize your body for completing some daily exercise. 

👍The same antioxidants can boost up your metabolism, reduce cravings, and lower your fatty acid and triglyceride levels. All helping you to lose weight faster and more efficiently

Experts suggest drinking between three to four 8oz cups of quality, green tea every day, along with your lifestyle adjustments. 

Matcha contains a higher concentration of antioxidants and can be consumed in lower amounts. One to two 3oz cups per day have great results.

For maximum benefit, we suggest drinking without the additions of milk or sugar. A fresh squeeze of lemon juice can be included for a more refreshing taste. 

A cup of green tea at the start of your day is a great way to set yourself up for making more healthful choices.

Green tea alone is not a cure for diabetes, but it can help you achieve significant results.

Cheers to eliminating diabetes!

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