Your Thanksgiving Dynamic Duo

Pumpkin and matcha make the perfect pair. Not only do they taste awesome together, but they also make an incredible pair for health benefits as well.

With the Thanksgiving holiday just around the corner, now is the perfect time of year to experiment with these flavors. They fit in perfect to put you in the mood for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  

I have made a pretty tasty pumpkin latte, I call the “Nature’s Blueprint Thanksgiving Latte”. It is soo good, and I am totally addicted to the flavors and the benefits.

Since drinking this combination of ingredients, my digestion has been nothing short of stellar. My belly feels freaking awesome, and as a woman in her mid thirties, I fall victim to the not so regular movements as is common among the female population.

But I can honestly say that this is been a huge help with all of that. Matcha as a whole has made massive improvements to my digestion over the past few years, but adding in the high fiber content found in pumpkin puree is like a win-win for me.

Some other great benefits of pumpkin is that contains key vitamins and minerals that help keep you from getting sick by strengthening your immune system.

Also that signature bright orange color is not just for pretty, it actually contains components that help protect you from cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and arthritis, by reducing inflammation  in your body.

Now you can see why it’s such a great match for matcha. They share a few benefits that are similar in nature and when put together it gives you a bigger boost than just having one or the other on its own. We all can probably use that extra boost this time of year. No one wants to get sick over the holidays, am I right?

If you are interested in trying the “Nature’s Blueprint Thanksgiving Latte” click the link below.

It’s simple, delicious and of course nutritious. Yum!!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!


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