Thanksgiving Matcha Latte


• 1 tsp. Nature’s Blueprint
Culinary Grade Matcha Green
Tea Powder

 1 tbsp. Pumpkin Puree 
 1/2 tsp. Pumpkin Spice
1-2 Drops Vanilla Extract
1 c. Vanilla Coconut Cream
1 shot of Agave (optional)


• Heat water to before boiling temperature
• Warm Coconut Cream until lightly steaming
• Add Pumpkin Puree, Spice, Vanilla Extra, Agave (if using) to blender (I like to use a Nutribullet)
• In a small separate bowl, add matcha, and pour in hot water.
• Whisk until dissolved, and add to blender ingredients.
• Lastly, pour in steamed coconut cream, and blend all ingredients until smooth and creamy.

• Pour into favorite cup, top with coconut whipped cream, and a dash of spice. Enjoy!

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