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All of Nature’s Blueprint, Ltd. products are certified organic. We pride ourselves on the fact that you do not need to possess a dictionary in order to read and understand our ingredients. Each and every superfood we provide to you is grown and produced by farmers using carefully mastered techniques, and stringent standards, rules, guidelines, and regulations to ensure you are receiving products that are exclusively organic. Free from contamination of chemicals and pollutants. It could be said that our growers have developed a loving and caring relationship with their plants, in which they nurture them to thrive and grow naturally as they were intended. Simply put, we love our customers, and they absolutely love our products.


Cheaper, yet seems to be more effective than other matcha green tea products
This is excellent matcha green tea. I have spent a lot of money on matcha and purchased matcha teas that are more expensive than this Nature's Blueprint product. Yet, for some reason, despite being cheaper, this product seems to work better than the other ones that I have tried. I can actually feel the effects of this Nature's Blueprint version of matcha. My concentration levels are amazing now. This truly is a great product and what's even better is that it is almost $10 cheaper than other ceremonial grade matcha green tea products that I have seen. I am happy with my purchase.
-By: EB-    
This matcha is so far the best and I think I will stick with it
This Matcha is so far the best I have tried and I think i will stick with it. I am into detox and have a very sensitive body, I tried other brands such as Kenko, and I have to say that Nature's Blueprint is more sweet with a long lasting energy effect, I feel my body is detoxing very fast. I am sensitive to the presence of metals and I can say that with this brand I don't feel it. Thanks for the great product! God Bless!
-By: Chris-
Love this matcha
First of all I want to say that the sellers of this tea have been wonderful! I had some issues with my delivery, NO fault of this seller, but as I brought it to their attention, they were willing to make it right with me. Nevertheless, I rec'd my tea intact and have enjoyed sipping this bright green ceremonial matcha for the last few days. I usually warm up some almond milk and sift the matcha on top. I have a frother which gives the tea a beautiful foam but I also used whisk which also works well. Compared to other matcha teas I have tried, this is top of the line!
-By: Susie-
Pleasantly surprised, this is my first time trying matcha tea and I'm glad I picked this brand. After watching many videos and reading so many reviews, this brand of matcha will be my go to drink! Hubby likes it too, that's a big plus because he is very picky!
-By Amazon Customer-
Five Stars
-By: Cody-
Great Find
Excellent ,nutrition.
-By: SuzieQW-
Great tasting tea
This Matcha is very fine and mixes and froths perfectly. It has a smooth and good taste. I whip it up in the morning with some raw honey, and it's a great way to start the day!
-By: Marce-
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