Matcha Green Tea Whisk & Bowl Set

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The whole kit and caboodle!

A complete set of matcha accessories that will have you making an expert cup of matcha in no time.

 Your Matcha Bowl set includes:

- 1 beautifully constructed ceramic drinking bowl

- 1 handcrafted and expertly carved bamboo whisk

- 1 sleek and ergonomic bamboo scoop

With this set you will obtain a real sense of tradition dating back several centuries in the Japanese culture as you delightfully sip on your perfect cup of matcha green tea in traditional Japanese fashion. 

Achieve the authentic flavors and natural benefits of matcha tea with this traditional set. The chawan, or tea bowl, is crafted with a dark glaze and hand-applied accents; inside, the glazes produce a naturally mottled pattern. The chashaku and chasen, or tea scoop and whisk, complete the set. Simply scoop matcha powder into the tea bowl, add hot water and use the whisk to blend. Often associated with Japanese tea ceremonies, the drink can by enjoyed every day.

  • Matcha tea bowl is crafted of stoneware with a dark glaze.
  • The scoop and whisk are made from 100% Eco-Friendly Bamboo.
  • Perfect for whipping up matcha, matcha lattes and a variety of whisked drinks, such as hot chocolate.
  • Set includes matcha tea bowl, scoop and whisk.


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